Search engine optimisation or SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO), also known as website optimisation

What is search engine optimisation and why do I need it?

You may have the best looking website in your industry but unless people know it's there or can find it, it's like having the curtains closed on your shop window display.

Most website owners depend on their website being found by search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) to allow their potential clients to find them.

It is therefore important that your website is optimised to enable these search engines to not only find your website, but analyse what is there, index all the pages you have and rank your website against your competitors' websites.

Optimised correctly, your website will compete well with your competitors' websites in the search engines.

Wordpress based websites

Most WordPress websites have a plug-in installed for SEO, however this may not have been used or well optimised. We can guide you through this process or do it for you (if you'd rather get on with your day job).

So what works?

Some companies use 'quick fixes' or optimisation tricks - these may result in your website being banned from a search engine or ranked poorly.

What works is good research into your target market and development of key search terms and phrases, all utilised in a well designed, constructed and optimised website, ensuring better results for the searcher and qualified enquiries for you.

We optimise the websites we create for search terms that people looking for your 'product' (whether it be tourist accommodation or fine wine) might use. Every so often this process needs to be revisited as new websites get added to the search engines every day, and the search engines also alter the way they rank websites, changing the search result listings.

Search engine optimisation considers all these aspects and works to move your website up the listings for a particular search term or phrase.

If you already have a website

We are happy to talk with you to ascertain your target market and optimise your website. We will also re-publish it to the search engines and relevant directories. And what's more, we'll show you how to monitor your own website's performance and explain how to interpret your webstats (automatically collected information about your website's visitors).
One last word on search engine optimisation . . .

You're busy running your business and most likely don't have time to keep up with the latest search engine algorithms, new search engines and directories and trends in website rankings.

So let us help you with your website optimisation to achieve the full commercial benefit your website could bring.

Give us a call and we can talk through some options for you, so that your business gets the exposure it deserves.

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